Broken Crayons Still Color”

Everyone has the opportunity to leave their mark on their community, area of gifting, and society as a whole. Too often, however, the same way broken crayons are discarded and deemed of no use, our youth has been broken by misfortunes and are stripped of their identities through destructive relationships, unforeseen events, and bad choices. A great deal of adolescents have lost their ardent flame to persevere during the school year, along with a sense of direction. Their time spent at school either becomes distracted by a pursuit for acceptance and popularity as they try “Just to get by”. Or a lifeless routine until they muster up the courage to drop out. Change is a direct result of awareness. Stir up their passion today through a powerful message stemmed by Svens Telemaque’s troubled past, promising future, and timely present! “Teach them early, what we learned too late.”

About Svens

After a painful divorce, Svens’ mother moved from Montreal to one of Miami’s drug- and crime-infested neighborhoods, proving detrimental to his success. The limited supervision, her 72-hour workweek, and the troublesome environment were ideal for any child’s failure. Craving acceptance, he became easy prey to a cycle responsible for the lives and aspirations of so many teens. Svens found himself dealing drugs, using drugs, and going nowhere fast. After multiple arrests, several funerals, a failed kidnap attempt, a couple events of brandished weapons in his face that threatened his life, and the deportation of his partner in crime, he finally got the big picture. For him to see any change, he would have to change his perception and environment if there was any hope for his future.

After his acquittal for gun possession, charged by the state of Florida in 2006, Svens abandoned everything that was common to become who he is today, now an author, speaker, and Spoken Word Artist. In 2014, he published his debut book, Pen of a Ready Writer Vol.1, a collection of his poetry and literary works that emerged deep from within his soul and the struggles of everyday life. With his upcoming sophomore novel, IMG_1371Perspicacity, Svens wants to positively impact the youth around the world. As a Spoken Word Artist, he won the first place in the Black Theatre Workshop, with a piece on smashing stereotypes in the media. In addition to receiving grand prize for his social economy project against juvenile delinquency and the high-school dropout rate in the inner city of Montreal-Nord. Svens has also co founded “L’art Selah”, a Spoken Word troop that showcases local artists and creates a platform of expression for those who wish to voice a positive message.

Years later, Svens has traversed a social extreme: once living a life of crime to now pursuing his art as a means to spread a message of love, hope, and faith. He now lives his life by the tenets of the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Svens’ speaking engagements, workshops, seminars, and his mentor-ship work are all geared toward helping others. He ultimately wants to ensure that his experiences, whether positive or negative, serve others along their way.


“The issues that face today’s youth are complex. The choices they make can affect the rest of their lives. The dialogue necessary to relay pertinent information and gauge their perspective needs to be facilitated by a charismatic leader who is able to express themselves in words that kids hear as truth. Svens is that person! He is living proof that adversity is experienced so that we can learn and share life lessons. He is effective because he lives a life of purpose.”

-Jennifer Beaudoin
EnglishTeacher,M.A, M.ED
Lasalle Community Comprehensive Highschool

“Recently,  Mr. Telemaque came on staff f the BCRC to support our project., In The Know which was a series of legal workshops created to familiarize youth with their legal rights and civic responsibilities. In this capacity, Mr. Telemaque worked extremely hard to consider our requests and to troubleshoot for the BCRC in the schools that booked our workshops He was instrumental in helping our organization to improve our outreach and community service to youth. Svens facilitated dynamic class discussions-sometimes with troubled youth. His rapport with youth is second to none! He worked well with teachers and administrators, and took great pains to fulfill our in house reporting.”

-Dr.Dorothy W.Williams

BCRC, Executive Director

 “Not only were the students captivated by him, but so were the staff members! Once again, Svens captivated his audience with his unique approach. Lauren Hill Academy definitely lucked out wit the discovery of Svens Telemaque and is looking forward to benefit from his talent for the upcoming school year. WE THANK YOU Svens!!!”
-Marsha Excellent
Lauren-hill Junior Academy

“The issue centered on some of our male students with some negative attitudes and some issues with truancy. Mr Telemaque was instrumental in addressing this issue. He initially met with the administration to outline his strategy. At this meeting, Mr. Telemaque was very transparent about his approach and his background. As a result of his intervention, our students have had fewer issues and incidences of truancy”

-Roger Rampersad
Riverdale Highschool

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