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“Rose” Print


“Rose” depicts a woman’s battle to blossom through adversity.


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“Without a shadow of a doubt, worry, or glimpse of fear,
She leaves the past, watering today’s flower with past tears.

A broken heart was the perfect place to house a stem of such great stature.
Plowed to blossom in the midst of her critic’s laughter,

This chapter she had to change, through strained roots and growing pains.
She had so much to lose, Yet everything to gain,

A purpose tailored to the contours of her heart.
Beauty unfathomed to one day menace the dark.

Yes, she had humble beginnings,
Yet the petals of her rose remain a sight to see,

A marvel filling the room with her fragrance,
And those in her presence with glee.

The wind blew with ferocity and the rain submerged her in its woes.
Despite the twist and turn of events, She always rose”

Pen of A Ready Writer
Published by Svens N. Télémaque
Written by Svens N. Télémaque
© Copyright 2014 Svens N. Télémaque
ISBN 978-0-9939796-0-6
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.
Author Photo© Copyright Serious Pictures. All rights reserved
Book design by Leona Carthy
Edited by Roen A. Higgins

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