Svens has designed an array of speeches and workshops, inspiring commitment in others to achieve more despite adversity. Using his unique and compelling story, he aims to engage his audience into reflection, empowerment and action.


A Slow Fifty Cents Beat’s A Fast Dollar

The media perpetuates an appealing message that acquiring wealth illegally through crime is cool, a thrill, and sometimes more rewarding than that of hard work. Counter that message with a speech geared for at-risk youth and arm them with the tools to ignite passion and seek a life of purpose.

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More Than A Conqueror

Who wants to bear the message of a victim? Every person must face hardships but only a select few will ever overcome them. Captivate your spectators with a message of hope against all odds.


Solving For X

Who does not have a problem to solve? Too often, we tend to forget the key to solving our problems stems from the most determinant factor, which is ourselves. Help your group cope and deal with adversity, manage stress, and solve for “X”.


The Mobile

Comfort zones are free from risk but are the guardrails separating us from our full potential. Stir up the courage to envision, act, and seize the opportunities that separate your attendees from achieving their goals.

Broken Crayons Still Color”

Broken crayons are discarded and often deemed of no use. In the same manner, we have been broken and stripped of our identities through unforeseen events, destructive relationships, and bad choices. Empower your audience with a sense of identity, creativity, and motivate them to use their “color” to mark their community, society, and area of gifting.


The Art Of Painting With Words: Spoken Word Artistry

Learn the fundamentals of creative expression, and how to effectively communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings through painting pictures with words.

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Designing Your Mobile

Remove the guardrails separating your audience from their full potential and equip them with hands-on strategies and tactics to achieve their objectives.


Motivation Vs Commitment

Motivation is not everything and does not last for long. Procrastination, lack of desire, and low expectation play key roles in discouraging the masses. Teach your attendants how to be, and stay, committed.