Svens N. Télémaque’s poetry focuses on challenging the average perception of circumstance, faith and emotion. Infused with allegory and rhetoric, his colorful words surpass the bounds of traditional ideology. Questioning the soundness of their walls, and reduces such constructs to rubble. With a unique and profound comprehension of life, he draws us to peer at the many variances that usher us from the cradle to the grave. 

After watching feeling and experiencing stereotypes, discrimination and the onslaught toward people of Colour (young black males in particular) throughout North America, we unveil an initiative supporting the many group efforts bringing awareness to the issues deteriorating the social fabric of our society. As we challenge faulty recorded history which continues to perpetuate the ignorance of today, we demand self evaluation and accountability as it pertains to the many biases portrayed through the media. We dedicate this tribute to the life work of Nina Simone, the high priestess of soul and her composition “Four Women” which bridged the gap between the civil rights movement to our ongoing struggle today. We offer our sympathies to all the families and friends of the fallen but not forgotten souls. Their voices cannot be silenced by bloodshed, nonetheless their blood cry out for justice.
So in response, here is our “Ode to OUR Name Change”.