“Tears may bombard my cheeks,
sweat may surge over my brows,
blood may stain my fingertips,
but as long as I believe in my “Why,”
I will find a “How.”
~Svens N. Télémaque~


After six arrests, several funerals, a failed kidnap attempt, a couple events of brandished weapons in my face that threatened my life and the deportation of my partner in crime, I had to face the facts., I was never legally naturalized in the U.S. and couldn’t pursue my desire to get an education or seek legitimate employment.

Following the acquittal of gun possession charged by the state of Florida in 2006, I left desiring a new start.  It’s been seven  years since I left Florida willingly to acquire an education and for the better.  However in my rearview I see a generation  after me that has gotten more violent, careless and greedy ,with  little to no reference against the strong current that media washes them away with.

After all my ordeals, an African proverb comes to mind: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This now is my objective: to ensure that my experiences can serve the generations after me and, together, “Teach them early what I learned too late”